Adams Oshiomhole’s litany of betrayals

By Ileogben Okaima

Watching Adams Oshiomhole talking of betrayal must be puzzling for anyone who has followed the paths of the former union leader turned politician.

Oshiomhole’s very first steps in politics were shadowed with the shocking betrayal of a man who helped to form the Labour Party but at the first opportunity betrayed the very party he helped to found.

Well, one would not talk of the several betrayals of the labour movement with the repeated mobilisations for strike that were normally called off at the last minute.

Indeed, Adams Oshiomhole must think Edo people have forgotten twice how he betrayed the Igbinedions, who brought him from political obscurity to Government House and political prominence.

Capt Hosa Wells Okunbo may be late, but your betrayal of him remains evergreen within the Edo political class, especially in Edo South. When you needed a second tenure and Edo South votes, you made promises to them about your successor in office from amongst them and yet betrayed them.

Have you not betrayed the Owans from your Senatorial District by running for Senate when they are supposed to produce the 2023 Senatorial candidate, and you had promised it was their turn? Do not be in a hurry to think otherwise, because Edo State citizens cannot forget your betrayal in a hurry.

Think back and remind yourself of the pact you had with PDP that saw you win your second election as an ACN governor. Did you not betray PDP? In your Party APC, did you not betray Odigie Oyegun who you had promised to support his chairmanship election, only for you to turn around and contest the same position against him?

What was your promise to President Buhari on Governors Ambode and Obaseki? Was it not that they’d both be given tickets for a second tenure? Did you not also betray your words? Senility must be responsible for your selective forgetfulness, but we will keep on reminding you.

It is the height of imbecility, the argument that a man after office supported his wife to run for another elective office, as if their State is populated by just the two of them.

It is rather unfortunate that a man who headed the Labour Union for years, was a governor for eight years, and today is aspiring to speak on behalf of his Senatorial District, can support the candidacy of a man whose mental acuity is questionable.

Well when we remember that Oshiomhole was disgraced out of office when his presidential candidate was his godfather, we can fathom his idiotic support.

Atiku Abubakar is not running with your funds, neither is he looking for your vote in particular. One would have thought that at almost eighty years of age, you would have dropped your garrulous behaviour. Same irrational behaviour that saw you abuse Pastor Ize Iyamu and four years later lick your vomit.

Same unstable character that made you foist Obaseki on Edo State only four years after singing another tune. In 2023, you’d still lick the bile you’re pouring on Atiku Abubakar.

For the record Mr Adams Oshiomhole, Jesus Christ is the only one you have not insulted. Of course you have betrayed him serially as evidenced in your betrayal of almost every person you’ve had dealings with.

Rather than waste your time shading Atiku Abubakar, spend your time more with your young wife, or are the rumours true?

Dr.  Ileogben Okaima writes from Benin City, Edo State

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