Who We Are

GuardPost.ng is an online newspaper subsidiary of the Freedom House Limited, a multimedia and consultancy company which was incorporated in Nigeria in 2012.

Ours is an online media platform that is built on the amplification of truth, justice, and accountability, using innovation, investigative journalism, and advocacy as our flagship module. While the brand is relatively new, its founders and partners are seasoned professionals who have made significant contributions to their respective fields. 

Our business model is adaptable and includes attracting large online audiences and the right demography for prospective advertisers, robust public interest reporting to improve our SEO and ranking, investment in investigative journalism, collaboration with larger and more well-known newsrooms both online and offline, and the use of innovation in newsgathering and reporting.

To achieve that goal, we do not only expose wrongdoings but work with key civil society players to bring persons found wanting to account as part of our advocacy project. 

Although we are new, our team is made up of award-wining journalists whose experiences have spanned different media terrain.


To defend the people’s right to know, be heard, and be served with dignity and under the rule of law.


We will always serve as an outpost for free speech, and we will stand up in the defense of the fundamental rights of all people based on truth that is self-evident, facts that are sacred, and be free to educate, inform, criticise, praise, and entertain with a conscience that is free from censure.

We will always keep our doors open to those who are sincere in their desire to promote their ideas for the greater good of society, and we will do everything in our power to take a strong stance in defense of those who are weak, oppressed, and vulnerable.


We come to you with the sincere conviction of a newspaper organisation that operates within the confines of the law;

We are certain that we can report on politics, business, and other issues while keeping a healthy connection with important players without sacrificing our integrity; and

We want to demonstrate that a multimedia platform run by professional journalists can give a platform for people and enterprises of all sizes, while simultaneously giving voice to the powerful and the vulnerable, the government and the governed.


Rather than focusing solely on breaking news and routine stories, GuardPost.ng will be interested in uncovering the intricacies and dynamics that define the individuals in the news, the events and situations that arise, as well as how institutions, organisations, and governments at all levels act or fail to act.

We will prioritise community reporting and clearly mainstream gender concerns affecting both men and women, as well as boy child and girl child.

Through our contents like: Public Square, Interviews, and Public Interest Report, we aim to foster inclusion, healthy public conversation, show causes and effects and provide the big picture for our audience. 

Instead of presenting a blanket of criticisms, we’ll aim to recognise outstanding achievements, point out fault lines, and recommend alternative courses of action based on expert and respected opinions.

We seek to enable people, businesses, and governments at all levels to make decisions that contribute to prosperity, development, good governance, patriotism, and national cohesion.

Every GuardPost.ng report will be carefully researched and professionally written in a short, simple, conversational style.

When it comes to telling compelling stories, we will take a filmic approach to our images and graphics and use infographics.

GuardPost.ng shall always undertake proactive analysis of public policies and programmes, forecasting likely outcomes, and evaluating the performance of public officials and corporate bodies against global best practice standards.

We shall not be obligated to accept and promote ideas and arguments that are clearly anchored in erroneous and misleading premises only to satisfy the criteria of objectivity, fairness, and balance. For example, if a source claims that the sun rises from the west, we will insist that it does not.

We will develop a business model and form partnerships with individuals, organisations, and institutions who conduct themselves and their operations with high levels of integrity and transparency.

No such relationship, however, will prevent us from writing against any individual and or organisation if we find that they were not truthful in their disclosures and dealings with people, or if they are accused of wrongdoing by a legitimate body with the authority to make such pronouncements.

We will not, for any reason, allow our platform to be used to preach hate, spread false information, disparage religion, or destroy others in the name of advertisement.

We abhor “Brown Envelope” journalism and all its accoutrements, and we strongly advise against giving tips to our reporters. Although we are confident in our staff’s integrity, we encourage the public to report any unprofessional behavior on their part.

It is with a solemn dedication to the pursuit of excellence that we will serve you each day, and we sincerely ask you to join us on this wonderful journey.