is a subsidiary of Freedom House Limited, an Abuja-based freelance multimedia organisation founded in 2012 with a mission to use innovation, investigative journalism, and media advocacy to amplify the truth, justice, equity, and accountability within and outside Nigeria.  We are an outpost for free speech, defending the fundamental rights of all people based on self-evident truth, sacred facts, and the freedom to educate, inform, criticise, praise, and entertain with a clear conscience.  As part of our advocacy strategy, we not only expose wrongdoing but also collaborate with key civil society players and public institutions to hold those found wanting accountable.


Rather than focusing solely on breaking news and routine stories, will investigate the complexities and dynamics that define the people in the news, the events and situations that arise, and the performance of public officers, institutions, and governments at various levels. We will prioritise public interest and community reporting and clearly mainstream gender concerns affecting both men and women, as well as boy and girl child.

Instead of laying out a laundry list of criticisms, we will try to highlight outstanding accomplishments, identify flaws, and recommend alternative courses of action based on expert and respected opinions. We will not accept and or promote ideas and arguments that are clearly based on false and misleading premises solely to satisfy the criteria of objectivity, fairness, and balance. For example, if a source claims that the sun rises from the west, we will insist that it does not.

We will accept donations and support from credible charities and organisations because we are not for profit, and we will not, under any circumstances, allow our platform to be used to preach hate, spread false information, disparage religion, or destroy public values in the name of advertisement. However, we are always open to working with credible newsrooms, civil society, local and international organisations to push the boundaries of free speech and press freedom. We will serve you every day with a solemn dedication to the pursuit of excellence, and we sincerely invite you to join us on this wonderful journey. Finally, every report will be thoroughly researched and professionally written in a short, simple, conversational style.