Tinubu Owes Nigeria Oversized Debt – APC Chieftain

It’s about the image of Nigeria and Nigerians

No matter which way anyone tries to spin or dice it, this station of national opprobrium is no more just about Tinubu, it is now about us as Nigerians. It is about our image as a country and how we are perceive by the world.

At this time and place, we should take off the coat of pretense and identify the absence of moral courage for what it is – timidity in the face of abundant and exposed truth.

The spin doctors don’t matter anymore after a spirited battle to bury the truth. Tinubu himself is aware that they have failed in their bids so he is in multiple courts in Nigeria and America trying to stop the inevitable release of his papers by the FBI, CIA and other agencies by deploying several SANs (Senior Advocates of Nigeria) to whichever jurisdiction there is a demand for his credentials and records.

As each team is manning a legal iron dome to shield his very odious lies and unsavory reputation, they are inadvertently exposing them even more by the persistent kindergarten level denials (even in foreign courts) he deploys while claiming to have the best results at work and school, all of which (except Mobil Nigeria) have denied his claims or are nonexistent.

The truth has seeped out triumphantly. Eventually, all of it will hit the fan as it always does. The big question is how Nigerians will react to the facts. Especially after the historic precedents set on the cases of Okechukwu Ikejiani, Salisu Buhari, Evans Enwerem, and lately, the young Mmesoma Ejikeme. We must be careful how we treat the case (or more correctly multiple cases) which concern the Asiwaju.

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Will Nigerians find the courage to confront the lies which are holding them hostage and do so in time for the truth to set them free? The Supreme Court is powerless in extracting karmic justice that is left to the omniscient nature to which we are all subjects. It never fails.

President Bola Tinubu in the eye of the storm

President of Nigeria, Chief Bola Tinubu

Tinubu, Supreme Court and the judgment of Karma

It is no longer crucial what the Supreme Court will say or not say. Most citizens are tuned off its technicalities-driven verdicts. The truth precedes their effort. For it is said that no one who desecrates Lady Justice’s coven stead with a forged document at INEC can be President. That is the simple straight forward rule and it is not limited by time. I wonder what should then happen to whosoever habitually deluges INEC’s space with multiple forgeries and false claims, all on oath.  I will not want to be in their shoes during this encounter with their destinies. I am persuaded however, that they must be aware that Karma has everybody’s coordinates.

What is happening now appears to be a dress rehearsal for what may be the turbulent journey ahead. It goes beyond Asiwaju Tinubu’s forgeries and whether or not they will be addressed. It becomes our call. The citizens’ call, once the Supreme Court makes her verdict public. The people are the delimiting authority on these matters.  No one, not Tinubu or anybody, could have made it thus far on a slippery ladder in which every rung is glued with deceptive but easily disprovable lies, if we, the people, had not temporarily lost our moral compass and embraced immorality and corruptive actions as a national culture. This means that either we are equally liable in the multifaceted counterfeiting or we were indeed ignorant victims. Either ways, seventy years is a long time to remain in sin. It is time to mend our errant ways and sanitise the land. Our country deserves no less.

Nigeria has been too kind to Tinubu

This country has been mighty kind to the Asiwaju Tinubu. He has benefited from the spoils of her (mis)management beyond measure. Nigeria has lifted him from at least three unverified birth days to the Villa while asking for nothing in return. The country did not even demand for simple basic qualifications from primary to University level. None of which, it has turned out, he can or has produced without imprecise duplication (sometimes up to quadruplication) or serious controversies. On the other flank, he has consciously seized every creative opportunity to corner exponential advantage made available by the country, while pretty much breaking all the rules of social and legal engagement, with scant or no consequences. HE IS THE ONE WHO OWES THE COUNTRY AN OVERSIZED DEBT.

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The people want him to stop fording that old beaten track and now do it right in the interest of the country.  For the sake of the nation he, Asiwaju Bola A. Tinubu, who by the Grace of God and the goodwill of the people has been in office since May 2023 as the President and Commander in Chief of all the forces of Nigeria; should step forth and heal the country by stepping down from that position with thanksgiving and humble supplication to God and country. This will give the country space to heal as we deem fit under the constitution. This is his sure path to glory. Nature is that forgiving when one brings progress.


Predictably, many of his cheerleaders will conjure up reasons why he should continue to defy the sensibilities of 200 million Nigerians and the world to continue as President. He should recall that some pains are not worth the reward of posterity. By acclaim, many more people of conscience will lead the mass applause that would follow this patriotic action and secure his place of honor in the nation’s pantheon of heroes and history, as the one whose personal sacrifice gave the country an honorable route to peace and reform, from near ruins. This is also his opportunity to repay some of his numerous and humongous debts to the Nation and attempt like a patriot, to make things even.

It is myopic to under-estimate the influence of the pending Supreme Court verdict on the events which will occur soon after they have relieved themselves of that national burden. The Yoruba say, and I verily believe them, “that anyone who is sent on an errand (even as a slave) has the prerogative to deliver the message as a freeborn.” I am, therefore, hopeful that in any which way that the Supreme Court, which is supposed to be made of freeborn, chooses to spin her verdict, there ought to be opportunity in it for a determined people to redeem themselves and salvage their country. This we can do by taking definite steps to stop the slide into regression.

A battle for Nigeria’s dominance

Make no mistake, there is going to be a battle for dominance and hearts, because corruption and company will ferociously fight back to retain control. For 60 years, they found Nigeria an increasingly profitable estate; where there was no consequence for bad conduct and have gotten used to that lack of order. The impending battle will be the time for Nigerians to dig up the patriotism and courage to fight for the soul of their nation or loose it to deal makers. See where the lack of courage, truth, moral compass and morally unyielding elders has led us?

While living in denial, we have sub-consciously dressed up our country in the garb of a clown and this was happening as the whole world watched in petrified concern and suppressed disgust. Inevitably so, as they recall in nostalgic memories, what stuff this same Nigeria was made of in the days gone by.

NOW WE HAVE GOT THE WORLD LAUGHING but in agony. The world is in disbelieve, wondering what has come over us or what we have done to our fine image. They find it difficult to laugh at a country that is so blessed, but at the same time so unimaginably obtuse!  We cannot let such a situation continue to define us!

There is a choice for all patriots. COUNTRY BEFORE SELF.


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