APC chieftain, Otu Ita Toyo blasts Tinubu, supporters over certificate scam

We got the world laughing in agony

Otu Ita Toyo, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has accused President Bola Tinubu and his party of dragging the country into global humiliation.

Chief Toyo, from Akwa Ibom State, stated that Mr. Tibubu’s certificate saga has seriously damaged Nigeria’s and Nigerians’ image.

In a post titled “We got the world laughing in agony,” the APC leader stated that his party lacked the courage to confront the president.

“No matter which way anyone tried to spin or dice it, this station of national opprobrium is no more just about Tinubu, it is now about us as Nigerians.

“It is about our image and how we are perceive by the world. At this time and place, we should identify the absence of moral courage for what it is – cowardly and timidity in the face of abundant and exposed truth,” Chief Toyo stated.

He claimed that after failing to cover up the truth, President Tinubu and his allies were scurrying around the courts, using top lawyers to build an iron dome to protect his “very odious lies and reputation.”

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Karma stares at the Supreme Court

According to the party chieftain, the situation was made more odious by the persistent kindergarten level denials even in foreign courts.

“The truth has seeped out triumphantly,” he wrote, becoming poetic. “Eventually, all of it will hit the fan. It always does. The big question is how Nigerians will react. Especially after the precedents set in the cases of Okechukwu Ikejiani, Salisu Buhari, Evans Enwerem, and, lately, the young Mmesoma Ejikeme.”

“Will Nigerians find the courage to confront the lies which are holding them hostage and do so in time for the truth to set them free? The Supreme Court is powerless in extracting karmic justice to which we are all subjects.

“I do not care any longer about what the Supreme Court will say or not say. I will not want to be in their shoes during their encounter with their ‘unmanipulated’ destiny. I am persuaded that they must be aware that Karma has their addresses.”

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A dress rehearsal for a turbulent journey ahead

Chief Toyo said what is happening in the country appeared to be a dress rehearsal for the turbulent journey ahead, adding that the situation was beyond President Tinubu.

“It is our call. No one, not Tinubu or anybody,  could have made it this far on a ladder in which every rung is glued with deceptive, easily disprovable lies, if we, the people, had not lost our moral compass and embraced immorality and corruptible actions as national culture.

“With the Supreme Court verdict, whichever way it is spun, there is a slight chance for us the people to redeem ourselves and country to stop the slide.

“See where it has led us. We have consciously dressed our country up in garb of a clown before the whole world. Now the world is laughing…in agony, at a country so blessed but so unimaginably obtuse,” he concluded his poetic requiem

Who is Otu Ita Toyo

Arc. Toyo, commonly referred to as Total Chair, was the Chairman of the Akwa Ibom State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from 2005 until 2008 before he moved to the APC.

As the then PDP chairman, Chief Toyo, famed for his flawless integrity, publicly criticised former Governor Victor Attah, who was elected on the platform of his party.

He was also a major sore spot for former Governor Godswill Akpabio, whom he accused of squandering of N4 trillion in state revenues and visiting terror on the people. He has remained a very cerebral, vibrant and urbane politician who does not hesitate to speak his mind even when he has to stand alone.

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