Support Groups Organise One-Million-Man March for Peter Obi

By  Malik Usman

Supporters of former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi have concluded plans to organize a One-Million-Man March in solidarity with him ahead of the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential primaries.

The exercise, led by the Coalition for Peter Obi (CPO), is expected to draw more than a dozen support groups.

The march will take place at the same time in all 36 Nigerian states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Chairman of the coalition, Marcel Ngogbehei, said in a statement issued in Abuja that support groups have been mobilised to ensure the success of the exercise on Saturday.

The purpose of the One-Million-Man March, according to the group, is to rally support for Peter Obi as the PDP’s presidential candidate.

“We as support groups for Peter Obi are organising a One-Million-Man March on Saturday, May 21, 2022, across the 36 States of the federation and FCT in a bid to show maximum solidarity, love, and support for our principal’s divine mandate for the 2023 Presidency,” part of the statement read.

“The One-Million-Man March is to ensure that Nigerians of like-minds come out en masse in all the states of the Federation and FCT in solidarity with the presidential aspirant.

“The one million-Man-March is anchored by Coalition for Peter Obi (CPO), which is made up of more than a dozen different support groups for Mr Peter Obi.

“All supporters of Peter Obi will participate fully in the march all over Nigeria. The one-million- man march is a show of solidarity and love for the credible candidature of Mr Peter Obi.

“Various routes have been chosen for the march in all the 36 States and FCT. The march will start by 10am prompt and we have obtained police permits to ensure security. 

“The take-off points for all states have been shared on various social media platforms, and all great supporters of Peter Obi should reach out to their respective coordinators and WhatsApp group Admins to ensure familiarity and easy locations of the routes.

“This is a peaceful solidarity march, and all are encouraged to portray a patriotic spirit, be of good conduct and avoid actions that will give us bad names, neither should we allow hoodlums to hijack our peaceful march. Let’s be very conscious and alert in the exercise,” the group advised its members.

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