Everyone’s Searching

By Eduoe Ndifreke

Everyone’s searching for something…
It could be love, acceptance, peace of mind, freedom, money, fame, name it.

It could be a good childhood days we never had;
A Father’s love and presence;
A Mother’s tender embrace;
Or the warmth taste of a Mother’s breastmilk we must have missed;
A sense of belonging;
Healing for a bruised heel;
A voice we once had;
Wasted years or lost chances;
The pieces of a broken dream…
A passion or purpose;

We don’t care much about the miles we have to walk
nor the things we have to do
to find that which we’re searching…

We don’t mind wading through the ocean,
swimming the mud,
crossing bridges or climbing the highest mountains,
combing through forests,
traversing the darkest hours or
digging deep into the hardest surface…

As long as we can sniff with our mind’s nostrils
The slightest clue that fate may lead us aright,
we won’t give up the search.

We’d take blows, bullets, knocks,
swallow stomach-tumbling words,
we’d walk barefoot on thorns
if this is what it takes…

We’d search through towns and trenches
search different climates,
search the news and trends,
we won’t stop searching…

We’d search every board room that kiss our feet,
every lecture room that drills and drains our brains,
not minding eateries and lounges…

We’d search every face our eyes meet;
every heart our love meets;
Every hand we swing in compliment;
Every lip we exchange words with…

We’d search every smile, every tear, every laughter,
every joke, every frown,
every piercing pain,
every spec of pride blown to our face,
We’ll keep searching…

So when you find my sweat-bag open,
notice my pale face, tired bones, or mood swings…
If you find me change networks,
friends, jobs, passion, pursuit, or even religion…
Do not laugh scornfully, judge, nor throw me a pity-party…

Lend me a wipe to pick my sweats,
a bottle of water to quench my thirst;
say me a prayer if you can…
‘Cause deep-down, you too are searching for something…

Maybe we’re searching for a comfortable life;
Or a compensation for a horrible past that keeps hunting…

To endure the stress and keep searching
is to fill our marrows with life and hope,
but to quit searching without result
is to live in pain and regret forever.

So may we search on.
May we find that which we’re searching.
And may we live to tell our stories.

© Eduoe Ndifreke 2022. 

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